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Technology Supplier Case Studies

SCR Technology for People's Republic of China

Teamed with Marsulex Corporation to license SCR technology to Marsulex licensees in the PRC.  ATP developed licensing materials, including design software and manuals, and trained licensees in the PRC.

Activated Carbon for Mercury Control

Assisted client with analysis of power plant mercury control market in support of their effort to develop the worlds largest and most efficient activated carbon plant.  Developed a "bottom up", unit-by-unit market estimate that incorporated the ability to evaluate impact of state rules and Federal rules and the flexibility to model various scenarios.  Interacted with client's investment bank and other consultants to provide independent evaluation to support financing.  Also assisted client with evaluation of supply options until the plant was built.

Market Study – Wet Scrubber Technology

For a client that had developed a technology that could improve energy efficiency of facilities equipped with wet scrubbers, ATP conducted a comprehensive market study of wet scrubbers used in various industries.

CO2 Capture Technology Analysis

For a global supplier of power generation equipment and air pollution control, including CO2 capture technology, ATP conducted a comprehensive review of CO2 capture technologies that were under development.

SCR Reliability

For Babcock Power Corporation, Assisted Babcock Power in analysis of Electronic Data Report information to assess reliability and performance of SCR NOx control systems.

Link to Staudt, Erickson paper

Environmental Impact of Steel Slag on Cement-Making

For National Slag Association, Developed description of environmental and economic benefits of use of steel slag in cement-making using data developed by ATP in prior programs with cement companies as well as other published data.

Mercury Emissions Monitor Business Acquisition

ATP was engaged to evaluate the business plan and pro forma financial statements of a business our client was evaluating for acquisition. ATP critically evaluated pro-forma financial statements and recommended changes to client (inadequate capital expenditures in light of growth rate) and also evaluated market (prices on product likely to drop due to new market entrants). ATP analyzed the business and also provided estimates of firm value using more realistic assumptions. ATP has continued to support this client after the successful acquisition, performing market analysis and other support.

Mercury Control Technology Market Analysis

ATP is currently working with a leading supplier of material and surface chemistry products to assist them in evaluating the business opportunities in the emerging mercury emissions control market.

Replacement Catalyst Market

ATP recently completed a market analysis of the replacement catalyst market for utility air pollution control systems. Using proprietary computer models for catalyst usage, the analysis addressed four different future regulatory scenarios and estimated the demand for future new and replacement catalyst.

Business Plan Review

At client’s request, ATP reviewed a business plan and market analysis prepared by the “Gold Standard” of management consultants. We brought their business plan back to earth, and the client avoided some costly investments that never would have paid off.

Strategies for Growth

Developed a strategy for a client to improve revenues. Performed a comprehensive “5-Factor” and value chain analysis of the industry and the market for a growing market segment. By implementing the recommended strategy, the client’s new orders for the year were 2-3 times those of their original plan.

Renewable Power Technology

Global equipment/services equipment supplier asked ATP to evaluate market for solar power generation technologies. ATP evaluated the photovoltaic technology opportunity they were considering, and also brought their attention to an attractive opportunity in wind power that they had not been considering. Client successfully made an acquisition in wind power. It has been one of the fastest growing sectors of their business, and they have become the leader in this high-growth area of power generation.


Global Supplier of Capital Equipment and Services to the Electric Power Industry
To a large, global supplier of capital equipment and services to the electric power industry, ATP was engaged on multiple occasions to advise on strategies for growth in the environmental equipment and services market. In one of the engagements, ATP conducted a detailed evaluation of the market, quantified the size, growth, and spending levels (total and by client) in the market. ATP identified the key parameters that determine profitability in the market sector of interest, and ATP developed a strategy of growth through acquisition of existing regional service providers. ATP used the results of its client survey to identify characteristics the client should look for in its acquisition candidates. Since that engagement, the client has deployed ATP’s strategy and has conducted several successful acquisitions of regional service providers.

Power Industry Capital Equipment Company

Our client - a capital equipment supplier to power companies that did not have internal technology for entering a fast growing market segment - needed a low risk strategy for entering this new, growing market. We recognized the need for a strong partner to provide technology and experience that were lacking. We identified a proper partner to provide technology that would immediately place them in a leading role in the industry. We brought the two parties together and worked with management of both companies to develop a strategy for the business arrangement. Our client was awarded a key role in a major program with an electric utility company within a few months of putting the strategy in place.

Licensing of Technology
ATP assisted the Gas Research Institute (now the Gas Technology Institute) in licensing gas-based technologies. ATP advised on technology valuation, intellectual property, and license terms. ATP continues to advise client on other business matters. Andover Technology Partners assisted Gas Research Institute (GRI), Chicago, in commercializing its Fuel Lean Gas Reburning (FLGR) and Amine-Enhanced FLGR technologies. Both technologies use natural gas to provide low-cost reduction of pollution from electric utility power plants and other facilities.

Analysis of the Stationary Point Source NOx Control Market in the Houston Galveston Area: Boilers, Process Heaters, Turbines, IC Engines, Other major sources

Clients: Air Products and Chemicals, Argillon, Hamon

Scope: Report issued under license agreement gave a detailed analysis of technologies, costs, and market size for various technologies in HGA



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