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ATP authored the ICAC's 2014 Annual Market Study.  To purchase a copy, contact ICAC's Executive Director, Betsy Natz at

ATP is a contributor to ASME's workshop on boiler heat rate improvement.

ATP is now a member of the Energy Storage Association!   As noted in past newsletters and in "Shifting Sands", energy storage has the potential to be a disruptive technology for the power industry, and ATP has joined ESA to gain greater insights and have a greater role in what is happening in this exciting energy sector.  You will also start to see changes to the web site over the coming months to reflect more of our growing Clean Energy practice activities.

ATP Announces Requests for Expression of Interest in Multi-Client Study: Shifting Sands - Changes Ahead for the US Power Industry for more information, put your mouse over "News/Publications" on the left and click on "Shifting Sands" or click here.

February 24, 2014 - Jim Staudt participated in a panel at the West Virginia University School of Law regarding Greenhouse Gas Regulation of Power Plants.  For a copy of the presentation, click here.

December 6, 2013 - Jim Staudt participates in panel at the Bipartisan Policy Center's Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Regulation of Existing Power Plants - Jim Staudt participated in a panel and discussed methods for existing fossil power plants to reduce their CO2 emissions, to include economics of these methods and factors to consider.  The presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.  More information is available at

J. Staudt speaks at McIvaine Hot Topic Hour on Mercury.  Jim Staudt spoke at the McIlvaine Hot Topic Hour on March 28 about mercury measurment and control. for the presentation, click here.

Jim Staudt speaks at UBS Conference Call on Illinois coal plants - Jim Staudt was invited by Julien Demoulin-Smith, CFA of UBS to discuss what the situation is for coal generating assets in Illinois in light of the recent bankruptcy of Midwest Gen, and the announced sale of Ameren assets to Dynegy.  For information on the call, see the April 2013 Newsletter.

ATP teams with Marsulex Environmental Technologies (MET) to offer SCR in China - ATP will be working with MET to support them in this potentially large, growing market.

Jim Staudt to present at the WPI Energy Forum - to discuss CO2 emissions and capture technology on April 21, 2012

Jim Staudt presented at EUCI's "Future of Fossil Generation" meeting in Arlington VA on Dec 5-6.  Click here to download the presentation.

Jim Staudt discusses with lawmakers the ability of the utility industry to comply with the Utility Air Toxics Rule
On September 19th, Jim Staudt is participating with the Clean Energy Group to brief House and Senate staff on the ability of the coal fleet to comply with the Utility Air Toxics Rule.

Andover Technology Partners and MJ Bradley and Associates author new report for NESCAUM titled "Control Technologies to Reduce Conventional and Hazardous Air Pollutants from Coal Fired Power Plants".  Download by clicking here.

Andover Technology Partners issues White Paper on "Availability of Resources for Clean Air Projects".  For the Abstract, click HERE

Dr. Staudt receives 2007 US EPA award.
Jim Staudt president of ATP recieves a 2007 US EPA Science and Technology Award ... MORE

ATP presents at EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Meeting.  Click Here to see the presentation.

See the paper on Boiler Heat Rates presented at the 2016 MEGA Symposium. Click Here for the paper and Click Here for the presenation

See the paper on Coal Boiler Heat Rate Reductions presented at the 2014 MEGA Symposium. Click Here.

GHG reduction from existing fossil plants.  From the WVU Law School meeting in February.  Click here.

In Is MATS the End of the World for MISO? ATP debunks the recent Brattle Group report for the Midwest ISO.  For more, click here.

ATP releasesU.S. Power Companies Actively Planning for Compliance with Clean Air Rules; Significant Work is Already Underway.  To download, click here.

ATP releases comments on Assumptions that lead to overestimation of the cost of regulations and examines NERA's recent report on the impacts of EPA regulations.  For a copy click here.

ATP releases comments on "Labor Availability for the Installation of Air Pollution Control Systems at Coal-Fired Power Plants" .  To download a copy click here.

ATP Releases its White Paper, "Availability of Resources for Clean Air Projects".  To view a copy, click here.

Jim Staudt speaks at the Bipartisan Policy Center’s first Workshop on Environmental Regulation and Electric System Reliability
Jim Staudt participated in an industry panel at the Bipartisan Policy Center’s workshop on Environmental Regulation and Electric System Reliability on October 22, 2010. The panel discussed the potential impacts of the proposed US EPA regulation on interstate transport of NOx and SO2 (the Transport Rule) and anticipated regulations on emissions of hazardous air pollutants on electric system reliability. Click HERE for a link to his presentation.

Featured Case Studies:

Mercury Monitors- 
For the recent paper comparing Hg CEMS with sorbent traps presented at the IEA Mercury from Coal Workgroup, click here.

ATP recently examined sorbent trap mercury monitors versus electronic CEMS and showed that the tendency of sorbent traps to indicate somewhat higher is a result of the inclusion of particle-bound mercury in the sorbent trap measurement. ATP also examined the possible benefits of feedback control of ACI systems using mercury CEMS.  In a separate project, ATP examined mercury control options for a Portland Cement kiln, with consideration to specific issues at such kilns.  The results of these studies were presented at a recent McIlvaine Hot Topic Hour.  For the presentation, click here.

Constellation SNCR - ATP presented a paper on the experience with optimization of SNCR systems at Constellation Energy’s C.P. Crane Station that has two 200 MW coal-fired boilers. ATP used a first of its kind approach that significantly reduced reagent (urea) consumption, reduced undesirable ammonia slip and ammonia contamination of fly ash. A key part of the program was a novel method to mount the ammonia monitoring instrument to assure reliable operation over a wide range of operation. The patent-pending mounting system was developed by Jim Staudt and engineers at Tourgee and Associates. Click HERE for a link to this paper and HERE the related presentation. 


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